Consulting Services

Our consultation services are all about helping you collect, manage, and deliver your content from wherever you are to whomever you need.

Web Development

The web is todays best way to facilitate the collection and distribution of content. We can help you by creating or improving your web presence in many different ways, including:

  • Installing, customizing, and administering an appropriate content management system (CMS) for you or your organization
  • Creating a custom website that works with your existing infrastructure
  • Utilizing web analytics to optimize the effectiveness of your site
  • Helping write and improve web copy and content
  • Providing social media integration to help expand the reach of your site and provide a direct path to your customers


At home or at work, and effectively designed and installed network helps you get work done by connecting all your computing devices, printers and file servers. We can help you with your networking needs including:

  • Setting up wired and wireless networks
  • Installing and setting up network printers
  • Attaching networked file servers for file sharing and offline storage
  • Securely configuring you desktops, laptops, and mobile devices for the network, enabling selected services

Web Application Development

Well designed web applications are flexible and easy to use, increasing productivity and improving the way people interact with content in your organization. We can help you build web applications that are...

  • Built using the latest web standards for both forward and backwards compatibility, across platforms and devices
  • Compatible with your current backend systems to maintain consistent data integrity and leverage existing services
  • Created with security in mind to protect the authenticity and integrity of your data
  • Designed to provide an effective user experience for improved usability and productivity
  • Portable across hosting platforms and "cloud" ready for maximum flexibility.

Platform Integration

While computing platforms seem to be in a constant battle to leapfrog each other, seeking increased productivity and power over one another, objective studies find conclusively that people are more productive simply using the platform and applications that they are most comfortable with. We have years of working with todays most popular platforms including Microsoft Windows, Apple's Mac OS X, and various Linux and Unix distributions. More importantly, we have experience tying these platform together in a common working environment, utilizing common business systems ranging from Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint Services to Google Apps for Business services. The advantages you gain from a well designed, multi-platform environment include:

  • Avoiding platform lock-in that could be increasingly costly to maintain and put your organization at a competitive disadvantage when new technologies emerge outside the platform.
  • The ability to leverage the best possible tools on the best possible platform for specific computing tasks
  • Increased productivity for you and your employees
  • The ability to leverage new and emerging platforms (including mobile platforms), within you existing environment
  • The ability to roll out low cost computing platforms when cost savings is essential

For more information about any of our consulting and web development services please contact us.