Documentation and Publishing Services

Text has been, and continues to be, one of the most effective means of delivering messages. Whether the nature of your message is informative, persuasive, entertaining or a combination of all three we can help create and refine your message for maximum effectiveness. We have over 15 years of experience working with leaders in the publishing industry including Pearson, Wiley and Springer. During this time we have written technical documentation ranging from article length works to 600 plus page manuals, have developed and edited numerous books (including more then a few best sellers), and have written large amounts of sales, marketing and website copy.

Editing and Manuscript Development

We take pride in providing some of the best development editing services available. We assure that every manuscript we work on is developed to meet the needs of the intended audience, on schedule, while closely adhering to series guidelines or overall pedagogical requirements. We focus first on formost on the content, how it is organized, how it stacks up against competing works, and how well it serves the target audience; we then work with the author and other stakeholders shape the content so that the final manuscript matches or exceeds its intended vision.

Project Management and Workflow

Most documentation projects not only require sophisticated workflows, but also require that projects are shepherded through this process on tight schedules to meet publishing deadlines. We have years of experience successfully managing documentation projects through various workflow's and will work with you to assure that your projects are completed on time and up to your expectations.

Technical Writing

We have the experience necessary to fulfill any documentation needs for your hardware or software products. We will work with you, your developers, and your manufacturers to help generate top notch documentation specific to audiences ranging from developers to end users.


Good copy helps build brands and sell products. Whether you need copy written for your website, marketing materials, or product packaging we can help. We will work to provide you with successful copy that will help identify and define you or your product.

Contract Blogging and Social Media Marketing

More and more people are turning to the internet when seeking products and services. To be successful today, businesses of all sizes must maintain a web presence to attract new customers, and keep the existing customers coming back. We can help you or your organization maintain a web presence by frequently posting new, relevant updates to your blog and social media networks and engaging your customers online. While we help your business in the virtual world, you can focus on your business in the real world.

For more information about any of our documentation and publishing services please contact us.